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Reel Political News, Pathway to the Presidency

Dec 30, 2020

Trump Loses His Grip On His Own Party

Mitch McConnell The Grim Reaper Without Any Of The Redeeming Qualities 

Important Dates Jan 5, 6 & 20


Happy ‘News’ Year With apologies to Guy Lombardo 🎶🥂

Dec 17, 2020

To save our Democracy Republicans must decide to turn away from this unhinged President Trump and do their Constitutional duty. 

If America underestimates the depth of Trump’s evil and manipulative powers we are finished as a Nation.

Trump is already lining up GOP Senators willing to challenge the elections results -...

Dec 7, 2020

As Joe Biden Takes Charge Donald Trump Inflames His Disciples With Rants Of Victimhood


Trump Floods The Zone With False Claims Of Fraud And A Stolen Election

Trump Tries To Strong Arm State Officials In A Last Gasp Attempt To Overturn The Election

Biden Treats All The Trump Antics As Background Noise As He Moves...