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Reel Political News, Pathway to the Presidency

Oct 16, 2022

Donald Trump faces many forms of legal jeopardy: will A.G. Merrick Garland follow through to ensure the Trump is “Not above the law?”

As Donald Trump continues to damage our democratic institutions, will the American people finally say ‘Enough Is Enough!’ and turn out en masse to defeat him and his MAGA movement...

Sep 30, 2022

Putin is cornered: no way out his threat to use nuclear weapons grows

It is hard to imagine more extreme forces colliding at the same time. Florida has experienced first hand the devastation of climate change with superstorm Ian. Is this the shape of things to come? The sanctions against Putin are continuing to take...

Sep 19, 2022

The GOP continues to follow Trump’s outrageous playbook of hatred and lies which threatens our Democracy.

As we observe the passing of Queen Elizabeth ll and the peaceful ascension of King Charles lll, a hallmark of a constitutional monarchy, we cannot help but wonder how peaceful our possible transition of political...

Jun 29, 2022

Just When You Thought You Could Not Be Surprised Anymore…Trump Continues To Shock Our Conscience!

This week we learned there is no bottom to the evil Trump will engage in to retain or regain power!

Jun 23, 2022

It Is Now Clear That American Democracy Only Survived This Onslaught Due To The Personal Integrity Of Some “Not So Average” Americans!

Here is where we are after the first 4 Jan 6 hearings:

Will these revelations change the thinking of independent and open-minded voters? And will Donald Trump and his...