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Reel Political News, Pathway to the Presidency

Aug 14, 2020

As Kamala Harris said at yesterday’s joint Campaign Opening with Joe Biden “This is a moment of consequence for America” and we might add a  moment of consequence for The World as well.
As America tries to cope with the consequences of almost 170,000 American deaths from the coronavirus unemployment and homelessness encroaching upon our citizens a sea change of direction is needed to wright the Ship of State which under the helm of Donald Trump has run aground!

With 80 days left before the election Trump is flailing and reaching for a lifeline as he tries to suppress the vote using all the tricks he has up his sleeve including defunding the United States Postal Service, his connections with other world leaders and his denial of our present painful reality as he offers false hope’s with a possible October surprise in the form of a coronavirus pandemic vaccine just before Election Day.

Plus just in - another convenient distraction from Trump’s domestic woes? Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the United Arab Emirates spoke today and agreed to the full normalization of relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.