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Reel Political News, Pathway to the Presidency

Aug 31, 2020

While local and state officials plead with Trump to stop his incendiary rhetoric and to stay away, Trump threatens to send in the military and show up on their doorsteps.

Police and Watchdog groups warn of the rise of Trump inspired vigilante invaders heading off to already inflamed localities. 

With Trump putting his crony appointees in key spots:

  • John Ratcliffe as Director National Intelligence - to ensure that there will be no investigation or effort to stop Putin from interfering in our election again;
  • Poster Master General Louis DeJoy -  to ensure that Mail In Balloting will not function properly and may not work at all;
  • Chad Wolf at DHS - threatening to send out Federal Security Officers to intimidate voters at the polls on Election Day and possibly thereafter - A free and fair election becomes even harder to guarantee.

As Joe Biden is back on the campaign trail attempting to hold Trump’s feet to the fire, the question remains...Will It Be Enough? Now Is The Time! GOTV